~ Southern Idaho resident since 1949. Family buying and selling land in Southern Idaho since 1883.
~ Operating organic hay and pasture ranch with organic beef cattle, sheep and quarter horses from 1973 to present. 
~ 1980-1984: Member and /or chairman of the Blaine and Lincoln Counties Fm.HA Committee. 
~ 1984-1995: Member and /or chairman of the Blaine County Planning and Zoning Commission. 
~ 1984-2002: Member and/or Chairman, Board of Directors of District 45 Canal System, Blaine County, Idaho.
~ 1996-2003: Wood River Watershed Advisory Group Executive Board. Representing irrigated agriculture on court mandated water quality standards.
~ 1997-2000: Organized a grass roots rancher and farmer organization with over one hundred participants in Blaine County representing over one-hundred-thousand acres plus of A10 and A20 lands whose sole purpose is the protection of private property rights for the agricultural lands in Blaine County. 
~ 2000-2007 Member and/or Chairman, Member of Board of Directors for State of Idaho Water District 37.
~ Current Member Carey Rural Fire and Rescue Board of Commissioners.
~ 2011-2013 Hydrographer for Upper Wood Rivers Water Measurement District.
~ Active land planner with an understanding of water rights, zoning ordinances, subdivision ordinances, overlay districts, and conservation easements.
~ Licensed realtor since 1992. Active licensed real estate broker since January 2000.
~ 2013 Inducted into the Southern Idaho Livestock Hall of Fame in recognition of outstanding service for the promotion and general welfare of the livestock and agricultural industry of Southern Idaho.
~2014 to 2018 member and/or chairman of Board of Directors for State of Idaho Water District 37.
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